View galleries of architectural commissions, bronze sculpture, acrylic sculpture and art works by International sculptor Bruce Garner Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. See Garden sculpture, stone sculpture and works in stainless steel.
Bruce Garner produces bronze sculpture, acrylic sculpture, stone and stainless steel art. Bruce has sculpted in Yugoslavia, the USA and Canada. He has painted in Holland, Jamaica, USA, Venezuela and Canada

Around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Bruce Garner sculpture in acrylic, bronze stone and stainless steel is visible throughout the city i.e. Sparks Street Mall, Market Broadcast Centre, Ontario Court House. He has recently expanded his choice of media and is now creating many sculptures in acrylic and polycarbonate. See the garden gallery pages. Bruce Garner is also a painter who is exploring many of his sculpture themes in acrylic on canvas. The artist's paintings are in high demand and can be viewed in our gallery art pages.


The gallery pages exhibit many examples of sculpture in acrylic, bronze, stainless steel, stone, polycarbonate as well as paintings by Canadian artist and internationally renowned sculptor Bruce Garner. The artist works in acrylic on canvas. His art is colourful and explores many of the sculptural theme seen in his sculpture.

Plantagenet resident and sculptor Bruce Garner has completed many major architectural commissions in USA and Canada.

Many examples of Bruce Garner's architectural commissions can be seen in the gallery pages on this site.

Examples of sculptor Bruce Garner's architectural work include: "Dagain" bronze weather vane above the Market Broadcast Centre in Ottawa Ontario Canada, "Due Process" Bronze and stone sculpture at the Ontario Court House, Ottawa,Ontario Canada,

"Reflections of Canada" bronze doors for the Government of Canada, Ottawa.

All art on this site is copyright of the artist. Prices are in Canadian funds.

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Architectural commissions include:

Bronze doors to the ark of the synagogue for the Machzikei Hadas Synagogue in Ottawa. Installing these synagogue bronze doors was described as a "herculean task" by the synagogue Rabbi

"Autumn" is an acrylic sculpture which was commissioned by Valassis Communications in USA.
Other works include: work in the Dr.O.J.Firestone Collection, a polycarbonate fountain for The Alzheimer Society, Mural for The Grey Nuns and many more which can be viewed on this web site.